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Kristina is a Norwegian architect based in Copenhagen and Oslo working with high-end architecture and interior design. She has a master's degree in Art & Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy. She has a passion for art, composition, nature, and materials, which is apparent in the process and the results of her projects. 

Her body of work spans a range of scales and typologies and revolves around how we organize ourselves in the rooms we occupy. She works within residential architecture for private clients and does retail and hospitality projects for commercial clients. 

A project always starts with developing a concept and set the creative direction. In order to make a holistic project, that is well thought through from the idea to the end result. 

In her projects, Kristina strives to materialize her client's visual visions to spatial matters. The ambition is to create a certain kind of atmosphere that suits the specific project and identity. 

Photo by Stine Christiansen

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